B2: 1 The Journal

In this section

In this section we shall introduce the Journal, which is a book of prime entry, and is used to record any type of transaction that is not recorded in any of the other books of prime entry.

We shall look at how entries (or “journals”) are recorded in the Journal and are then posted to the ledgers.

Journals can be used to record any type of transaction but we shall look at the following types in this section:

  • Opening balances journals
  • Irrecoverable debts journals
  • Payroll journals

Several other types of journals, most significantly those used to correct errors, will be covered in later sections of this course.


1.01 Introduction to the Journal

1.02 Opening balances journals

1.03 Irrecoverable debts

1.04 Payroll costs

1.05 Payroll journals

1.06 Payroll journals illustration

1.07 Journals questions and answers