B1: 3.01 Books of Prime Entry

The Books of Prime Entry are the accounting books where a transaction is first recorded. A business that buys and sells on credit terms is likely to require up to nine such books, each of which is used to record a different type of transaction. These nine books are listed below (click on the names to go to the section on that topic)

Book of prime entryThe book is used to record…
The Sales Day BookSales made on credit terms
The Sales Returns Day BookCredit notes issued to customers
The Purchases Day BookPurchases made on credit terms
The Purchases Returns Day BookCredit notes received from suppliers
The Discounts Allowed Day BookPrompt payment discounts given to customers
The Discounts Received Day BookPrompt payment discounts taken from suppliers
The Cash BookReceipts and payments of money
The Petty Cash BookReceipts and payments of petty cash
The JournalTransactions that are not recorded in the other books of prime entry
The main Books of Prime Entry

The actual books of prime entry used can vary from business to business. A retail business, for example, might not make any sales on credit terms, in which case it would not need to maintain a Sales Day Book or a Sales Returns Day Book.